New Video: Kendrick Lamar – “Backstreet Freestyle”

I have a confession to make – Kendrick Llama‘s verse on “Fuqqin Problems” makes me giddy. Like, I know it’s messy and maybe even misogynistic…but…I swear fa’ Gawd every time I hear him say “Girl, I know you want this DIH!” – I have to control the urge to squeal in amusement.

And I guess that’s kind of the beauty of Kendrick. He can make even the most ratchet of ratchetness palatable.

His new video for “Backstreet Freestyle” proves this point even further. Cause trust and believe that if anyone else on earth ever said “Martin had a dream!”…only to declare seconds later “Got damn I got b*tches!” – I’d surely go on a womanist tirade.

But alas…Mr. Poetic Justice is my kryptonite. Cause I’m not even halfway mad. *hangs head in quasi-shame*

P.S – the big bellied pimp halfway through the video, is apparently his father o_O

Unapologetic Foolywang…with a SICK ass beat

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