New Video: The Best Holiday Video Of 2011

The folks over at 2-cent are at it again!

Last year their 2010 Good Christmas spoof was a hit. And now they’re back with a new video, Odd Christmas 2011. Granted, the novelty has worn off a bit and therefore the new clip isn’t quite as funny as previous ones. But what this installment lacks in humor it makes up for in innovation.

Some of these homages to Big Sean, Beyonce, Jay-z & Kanye, Kreayshawn, Chris Brown, and Drake (just to name a few) are inspired. They even did a dead on impression of Lil B’s simple self. And I couldn’t help but chuckle during the Wyclef segment.

Even more than being masters of mimickery, the most impressive thing about this collective is their committment to improving their community in New Orleans.

Check them out below.

Good Jawb!

Behind the lens…

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