Snapshot(s): Drake Has An Aaliyah Tribute Tatted On His Back (Video)

Over the weekend, some Instagram pictures surfaced of Drake playing tennis with his friends. And one of the pics shows him with an Aaliyah tattoo on his back with a pair of wings above her image.

I find this kind of ironic given how blown he seemed last week by that crazy devoted fan who tatted his name on her forehead. I mean yes, she’s clearly a nutcase but I doubt she stans for him any more than he worships Aaliyah.

In case you missed it: check out Drake speaking out about the now infamous forehead tattoo below – and the tattoo artists indignant response.

He seems annoyed…

But HE seems like he’d shoot somebody *looks away scared*

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One Response to “Snapshot(s): Drake Has An Aaliyah Tribute Tatted On His Back (Video)”

  1. Bizz says:

    I think Drake got so gully because people publicly question his manhood and masculinity. However, he should respond lyrically (if he responds at all) instead of potentially starting beef with a guy who could possibly blow his azz away.

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