Tyra Done Went & Pissed Off Half The Black Women On The Internet

Hi, my name is JoAnn Robertson and I’m a licensed hairstylist


Some of you may not be aware, but since Friday it seems that every natural haired woman with an wi-fi connection has been cursing out Tyra Banks on messageboards and Facebook walls all over the internet.

What has gotten all these ladies up in a tizzy?

Welp! It appears that Tyra’s YouTube Channel, which is a spin off of her TypeF website, has posted a host of “natural hair care tutorial” videos that are so bad and irresponsible – that if anyone actually took any of that advice they’d be bald by the end of the week.

Personally, I thought the videos were a spoof and didn’t realize that I had a reason to be upset.

I mean for instance….

Who’s wedding is she going to looking like this?

After watching about a half dozen of these gems, I’m not sure if this JoAnn Robertson is a comedic genius OR the world’s worst hairstylist.

Either way, Banks has managed to get a bunch of publicity from this maddness. And while many of the videos have been yanked from YouTube due to an epic tidalwave of complaints….they’re still available on her website.

Check out a sampling of Tyra’s handiwork below.
Punk Rock Hair In Minutes


How to Comb the Top of Your Hair

How to Curl Coarse Hair

Classy Updo

Time To Flatten That ‘Fro!

That is NOT a wide tooth comb. Girl, bye!

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8 Responses to “Tyra Done Went & Pissed Off Half The Black Women On The Internet”

  1. Melody D says:

    *dead* for real? Tyra BANKS couldn’t find NOOO OONE better qualified or experienced to contribute to her webisodes of “how to *ef up your hair*? These can not be real. But really, I know she tries to be in touch with her ethnicity. But years of creams, perms, wigs, angel wings, and french designers, you can be a little confused about what your natural hair does. I’m more mad at the stylist for following through. I’m more mad at Tyra’s producing staff for filming and approving it. Clearly they did not do a call for stylists…and that has be the ONLY other person Tyra knows closely with natural hair.

    Know what tho, I AM going to try that fun look with the curlers tho. (lmao)

    Come OOUUNNN Tyra. We can’t barbie our way through this. For Natural Hair tips, we have to REALLY know our roots. Not just have seen them before.

  2. Lady J says:

    JoAnn needs to go down the GNC and get her some vitamins and up her protein intake because that hair is DRY DRY DRY. Them edges and thirsty curls need a lot more than leave-in conditioner and oil. Did anyone else laugh at her trying to roll her hair w/ those old school barbed-hair rollers. I have a relaxer and I STILL wouldn’t do that – unless I wanted my hair pulled clean out of my head. Oh and don’t get me started on that elegant wedding up-do. Girl stop, folks would act like they didn’t know me if I rolled up in the piece with my fro in a misshapen pony-poof w/ a head band slapped on it or w/ it tied up like I’m bout to be washing clothes by hand all day!

  3. Lakaya says:

    Wow. Her licence should be revolked. She….and her busted, thining, pulled out edges should be forced to watch every vid naptural85 ever made…twice. that way she would have a clue before putting out all this misinformation. Also…Tyra…surrounded by all the fashion folks in your world…you couldn’t find one natural beauty that has an inkling of how to care for hair? You do your research on everything else…how did this total incompentent get in there? Ack! Shame you dropped the proverbial ball on that one.

  4. Lakaya says:

    Curly Nikki…remember her? You had her on your show Tyra…so ya…you know at least one person in the know about our hair….should have brought her back…instead of that other one. I rarely speak ill of anyone….but those vids are wreckless and irresponsible…when directed at new naturals. The rest of us know better and got a giggle out of it…until we realized it wasn’t a joke.

  5. TL says:

    Nu-uhhhhhh…and I say that sometimes the natural hair community can get up in arms over petty things, but wtf is this? I am too through. This is inexcusable. You’re telling me they didn’t care enough to exert even the barest of cursory searches on basic natural hair care 101? It’s everywhere. This is a disgrace.

    Study your subject properly before you attempt to cash in on it. Thank you, Ms. Banks.

  6. trish says:


  7. Angeleyez says:

    I’ve seen some reckless things in my time as a natural woman like taking a flat iron to wet hair and using a instyler on wet conditioner-filled hair, but these videos just made me laugh. That wedding updo nearly killed me at work….

    I’m setting to rock that hairstyle JUST now hahaha

  8. Not a Coincidence says:

    It is now evident to me that upsetting blacks with offensive, suggestive or insensitive material is now a marketing tool. Ads don’t make themselves, nor do product videos, people make them. The negative attention will not destroy the company since many companies consider “any press to be good press”, and all it will do is cause people talking about their product. Those who are not offended will see it as harmless or just more blacks playing the race card and try to find good things to say about the product. All in all, with more people blogging about it they get free advertising. All they have to do is send an apology and all is forgotten. The jig is up Pepsi, Nivea, Summers Eve, Type F etc. Don’t use a product or support a company that are too ignorant or don’t care about who the piss off.

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