Mary Harvey Interview With New York Radio’s “The Breakfast Club”

And the saga continues….

This morning Steve Harvey’s ex-wife aired out even more dirty laundry on The Breakfast Club radio show in New York City. Power 105.1’s Angela Yee, DJ Envy, and Charlamagne Tha God received a phone call from the pissed off ex and some are saying she sounds bitter.

Judge for yourself.

Oh dear.

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2 Responses to “Mary Harvey Interview With New York Radio’s “The Breakfast Club””

  1. De HOify says:

    Like Mary said…everything Marjorie and Steve are doing is a facade and platform to make HER look miserable. The only reason she is coming out and saying something is that he keep bringing her name up to make him look good…like he’s the VICTIM in the situation. But then everytime she opens her mouth…both Steve and Marjorie are suing her…to gain what??? Now THATS a vindictive person…SMDH Dont be fooled by big-lipped, kuntry koon talking, zoot-suit wearing Steve. Its some truth to her voice. And Rickey Smiley need to sit his bitter, pine kneedle lookin tail down somewhere. He bitter toward women in general anti-way. He had a rough marriage…birds of a feather… Peace to Mary!

  2. Jessica Wilson says:

    Being vindictive can also go both ways. I feel that to a degree Mary is right about Steve had re-married therefore there was no need to keep mentioning her. On the other hand even if a person does go on to marry again that doesn’t mean they will never discuss scenarios from their previous marriage. A failed marriage is definitely a learning experience. In many ways it does teach you how to be a better spouse, friend, father, mother etc. Steve has already openly talked about not being the best husband he could be to Mary. He’s spoke about the affairs before Mary ever came out with this, which makes people question her true motives. Is this really about exposing Steve or is this an instant way to fame & fortune?? Truth be told none of us are perfect, therfore I’m sure both of them could have been better partner’s in certain ways. Now children are in the mist of this messy situation & wether Mary realizes it or not this is going to affect their son. He’s the most important element of any of this. The both of them need to agree to handle things in a way that benefits their child, because him hearing negative things about Steve or Mary can be very damaging.

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