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New Promo Video: BlueCentric “Do You Want Our Cookies?” Promo

We are excited and preparing to complete shooting the last 5 episodes of the first season. Filming is scheduled to begin early April. And we need your help!“Do You Want Our Cookies?” Wednesday March 13th from 6PM – 9PM @ Cookie Wear Boutique. Come join the cast of Skye’s The Limit for Cocktails, Cookies & [...]

Skye’s The Limit (The Series): Episode 3 “Tongue Tied”

Dephyne is Annapolis, Maryland-born and Alabama-bred. Her music brings a nice mix of city style and down south swag. 1. Are you and your character anything alike? Why or why not? Yes we are similar as far as pride and ego. I used to feel like my girl should be just as attractive as I [...]

Skye’s The Limit (The Series): Episode 2 “Trapped In The Closet”

STL Spotlight Romy Von B. (who we meet in tonight’s episode) is a freelance hair stylist and makeup artist born and raised in Washington D.C. This week we took some time out to ask her about her role in ‘Skye’s The Limit’ 1. Are you and your character anything alike? Why or why not? Yes! [...]

World Premiere! BlueCentric Presents: ‘Skye’s The Limit’…..

Nia On Set: Sep 30, 2012 -By Nia Kiara Cole (Production Team) On a warm fall evening in mid August, we approached a small sage house in NW DC. Leaning up against the white railing, we knocked loudly on the door. As the door opened I was greeted warmly with a large smile and a [...]